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Kennedy, Googenheim, Trump, Getty and Bill & Melinda Gates are a few of the names when we think of Charitable Foundations focused on good. For the rest of us, Charitable Gift Annuities, Pooled Income Funds, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts and Annuity Trusts and a number of other split interest programs give unusual way to support the causes in which we believe. If you’re like us, you have unique problems, and you wanted the most talented people available to help you deal with the complexity, rather than to just smooth them away and ignore it by sweeping them under the rug. You also have complicated opportunities and risks, most of which main stream commercial institutions will never have time, motivation or resources to address.  


We try to enable you to define and mitigate financial risks in only the way the professionals such as you are capable of understanding.  


“When it comes to risk, do it your way”.


Concierge Bank & Trust is a private real estate oriented investment bank.  Specializing in entitlement, development, construction and management of real estate.


Our member-insured is an entrepreneurial individual or entity interested in mitigating risk through shared risk pool, with the knowledge that the pool has both the sophistication to price risk property and the compassion to do it in a way that does not allow the private insurance company to profit at member-insured’s expense.

Advanced Market Insurance specializes in captive insurance, private placement, life and other sophisticated insurance tools.


Our member-insured is an entrepreneurial individual or entity interested in both the quality of their life insurance carrier (i.e., accountability, credibility and transparency) as well as the leverage value of their tax-advantaged variable / indexed / universal / guaranteed and various  life insurance trusts assets.


Our financial community involves unique financial communities with obstacles to coordinating with the world’s financial mainstream.  Our affiliates perceive and appreciate accountability, credibility, transparency and a concierge-level of service from institutions that tend to be too big, either to fail, . . . or to care.

​NPO 360 is an emerging financial institution to assist non profit organizations of every type to manage their financial interests from retirement accounts and structured donations to banking, insurance and other financial needs. 

​Meyer Law Organization is a law firm largely limited to representation of the financial, Realestate, and non profit entity's legal representation of concierge bank, npo360, and ATCAPM companies and their affiliates. 

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